IPT Interpersonal Psychotherapy - Depression

I am a registered IPT Therapist and Supervisor with IPT-UK; please find me on www.iptuk.net/findtherapist.


This intervention is evidence based and is specifically designed for the treatment of moderate to severe depression. IPT can be used as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with anti-depressant medication.


IPT consists of 12-16 sessions attended weekly (12 weeks for adolescence and 16 weeks  for adults).

IPT is divided into three phases of treatment

Initial phase - this phase enables the exploration of the clients experience

of depression, onset, intensity and duration to help identify the triggers and therefore inform the focal area to work on during treatment.

The focal area consist of; Role Dispute; when in dispute with one person, Role Transition; when your role in life changes, Complicated Bereavement; grief that has gone on fro longer than expected or Interpersonal Sensitivities; difficulties in forming and maintaining relationships, leading to isolation.

The middle phase involves exploring the difficulties in the identified focal area and practicing strategies to manage the symptoms of depression that are associated with the current difficulty.

The end phase of treatment involves continues use of the middle phase strategies as well as preparing for ending. This includes a relapse prevention plan that serves as a reminder of the things you did in therapy that helped and what to do should you begin to feel low in the future.