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Hi, I'm Jayne - it is 2024 welcome to my Healing House

My name is Jayne Trezise I am a registered and qualified Advanced IPT Therapist and Supervisor, Hypnotherapist, NPL and EFT Practitioner, a Reiki Master and Teacher. I have twenty years + experience of working with people and  I continue to practice the things I know work. 

My clients report that the treatments, sessions, therapy, or teaching that they have received was effective in making the difference that they came to me to achieve.    

As a life long learner having completed a counselling qualification I was encouraged to continue studying. I took on a degree as a mature student achieving a BA (Hon). Between my final exam and graduation in 2001 I was introduced to my first Reiki Master, Sally Canning, I felt she was the right Master for me. I became attuned to Reiki One, I absolutely loved what Reiki did for me, so much so that I wanted to share it with everyone, I was, and still am, extremely enthusiastic about Reiki and I continue to incorporate it into my daily life. I was keen to progress to practitioner level, which gave me the tools to use Reiki more effectively in many more ways; not only for myself but for others too. Reiki helped me in so many ways, with finding work that suited my life style as a single parent; so that I did not need child care. I earned enough to buy my house, gained promotion at work, went on secondment and moved into a community Mental Health Team further promotion resulted in my achieving a MSc CAMH degree.  

I have been asked over the years how and where people that are interested in Reiki could learn about it. I was always happy to share my knowledge of Reiki such as it was at Level Two. I read much about Reiki, knew other symbols existed and so on. In 2003 I made the decision to enter into Reiki Master Level so that, when I felt confident in my practice,  I would be able to teach Reiki to other. I have practiced Reiki for 21 years now, not only on myself, but my family, colleagues and friends so that I was able to gain the experience I needed so that I feel able to help my clients effectively. I have sent Reiki all over the world, I have even used it to help friends sell their house. 

In 2006 I learned the astonishing benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique, which I have used in my work with young people; particularly around exam stress and anxiety. In addition, I practiced  EFT with adults to gain experience in working with many issue including fears, phobias, addiction, dealing with past memories, cravings and so on.There were other Reiki practitioners on this training course; the tutor remarked that it was not unusual for Reiki people to be attracted to EFT.

Each treatment I gave and every therapy I have learned has increase my understanding of how well the different techniques can work together. A friend of mine asked me to accompany her to an introductory weekend of hypnotherapy & NLP Techniques. I went along to keep her company. I soon realised that hypnotherapy and NLP fit with my current practices very well and would compliment my existing skills; this I believe is an example of serendipity in action. 

Since becoming fully qualified as a Hypnotherapist, I registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, I enjoy seeing the changes that occur with clients managing their issue through hypnotherapy. In addition to the GHR, I am registered with Complimentary and Natural Health Council (CHNC) and as a therapist. You can find me on their website and https://www.iptuk.net

In January 2016 I began my training as an IPT therapist, this was a year long Masters Diploma at Newcastle University. The therapy looks at the interpersonal context of depression in order to identify the triggers and maintenance of the symptoms of depression; in order to help the client recover from it. On completing the first stage of learning IPT I went on to complete advanced practice and supervision training. I am currently supervising qualified practitioners with their case loads in their service. In addition, I have an ongoing case load for Xyla digital therapies providing weekly on-line sessions. If getting here is a problem on-line sessions can be arranged via zoom, teams or other on-line mediums.   

The service that I am able to offer to each client is a bespoke service that will suit the clients individual needs. The background I have, as a behavioural specialist with knowledge of promoting positive mental health, using psychological based interventions, which enables me to offer a unique intervention to each client.

I can help you with any or all of the following issues:

- Anxiety & Depression

- Sleep issues

- Stress

- Fears & Phobias 

- Self Esteem & confidence

- Public speaking/interviews

- How to manage self limiting beliefs

- Self-criticism

- Smoking Cessation

- Weight loss

You can call, text, or email me for a FREE consultation; I welcome any enquiry regarding treatments and courses. 

I am able to offer appointment throughout the week and weekends in a dedicated treatment room here at Healing House, or on-line via zoom etcetera; all sessions are completely confidential.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards, Namaste  

Jayne A Trezise

Advanced IPT Therapist & Supervisor MSc CAMH, MSc Dip IPT Therapist BA (Hon)

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