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What is NLP

Neuro – Neurology - This refers to our thinking process and how we use our five senses to understand and interpret what is happening around us.

Linguistic – How we ascribe meaning to the words we hear and how we interpret the  body language we observe to attribute meaning to the interactions we have with others. 

Programming - How information is processed by our brain and stored, having ascribed meaning to the experience. Once processed the meaning ascribed influencing our behaviour – in learning to understand the influences on our processing of information we are able to make changes in the way we think and therefore behave. 

We are bombarded with information on a moment by moment basis, this information we filter through our 5 senses which include:

1. Our previous life experience - what happened before in a similar situation,

2. Our beliefs & Values - what we believe provides meaning to our interactions, both positive and negative in our life, our values are what we deem important, work, family, being kind, friends

3. Generalisations - all…….. are ……

4. Deletion - when we miss out a portion of the experience, for whatever reason.

5. Distortion something that is mistaken for something that it is not – the meaning that we ascribe to the situation

How can it help me?

NLP is applied as a therapy to a number of presenting problems; & psychological disorders including fears & phobias, depression, addiction, habits, generalised anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition, NLP can enhance performance in the work environment and the sporting world.

As an NLP therapist, I work with individuals to understand their way of thinking that in turns influences their behavioural patterns, their emotional state, and aspirations (what they want to achieve). In exploring each person's internal map, I can help you find ways to strengthen your existing skills, that serve them best, and assist you in developing new strategies to replace unproductive thoughts and behavioural patterns, such as limiting self-beliefs.

Information received is filtered through our 5 senses to create our internal map.

The internal map we create for ourselves has been filter through all of our life experiences, both positive and negative. However, the internal map that this creates is not an accurate representation of the real external map of the world because of how the information is filtered. NLP helps to illuminate these unwanted, unhelpful thoughts and behaviours.

Book a free consultation to see how NLP could help you. 

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