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Reiki Treatment


Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for managing stress, aides relaxation, and enhances the body’s own natural ability to heal.  

TREATMENTS: A non-invasive treatment where hands are placed over a series of meridian points on the body; where Chakras are located. My hands will never be intrusive or inappropriate, nor will there be any pressure.

COURSES: Bespoke and tailor-made to suit the students needs. The course can be completed over one or two days, depending on the level of Reiki you are learning and the number of students attending the course. I routinely carry out one to one courses. 

You will begin by learning about your chosen level of Reiki. You will be attuned to Reiki during the course of the day. The day includes practicing Reiki to ensure that you leave with a clear understanding of Reiki with the confidence to complete Reiki Treatments at the level you are trained.

Courses include as standard all teaching material, a manual, hands-on practice and attunement, all refreshments throughout the day and vegetarian lunch.

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